Working towards eXtreme+ v3.0 FINAL, here is the alpha version.
Lots of renaming, regrouping, and reordering, so take a moment to get familiar with the new setup.

Added: perk weapon menu; adding 20 slots for weapon perks (specials.cfg; will disable jukebox).
Added: WMD can be linked to killing spree and quick kill ladder (wmdcontrol.cfg).
Added: account system (security.cfg).
Added: ex_bash_only_timelimit and ex_frag_fest_timelimit variables to override timelimit (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: procedure deleteAllSpawnPoints(spawnclass) to _ex_spawnpoints.gsc.
Added: buy from store with regular points (score), bonus points or cash points (ex_specials; specials.cfg).
Added: ENDMARKER-checking added to scriptdata cfg’s to help debug configuration errors or mysterious crashes.
Added: cinematic-intro optional mod tools, including the original BluffTitler source.
Added: also using mp_global_intermission entity to detect map’s height (in case all spawns are indoor).
Added: stock minefield min and max damage settings (weaponcontrol.cfg; ex_minefield_min, ex_minefield_max).
Added: device controller to handle effects, damage and close proximity explosion triggers (_ex_controller_devices.gsc).
Added: unified code for airplane and payload handling (using _ex_controller_airtraffic.gsc).
Added: overtime variable to decide what to do with the flag(s) (gametypes.cfg; ex_overtime_resetflag).
Added: variables for setting clock RGB color codes (gametypes.cfg; ex_clock_red, ex_clock_green, ex_clock_blue).
Added: weapon file minefield_mp for damage and kill logs.
Added: first in, first out for tripwires (weaponsontrol.cfg; level.ex_tripwire_fifo).
Added: playerHudAddText(), playerHudRemoveText() and playerHudTextUpdater() to _ex_controller_hud.gsc.


Changed: ready-up disabled automatically in designer mode.
Changed: renamed most files to group them together. Also moved custom files from maps\mp\gametypes to extreme.
Changed: cinematic intro has been replaced, and is now disabled by default (miscfeatures.cfg).
Changed: recoded drop-, target-, and impact handling for airstrikes, mortars and artillery.
Changed: all perks now get perk index through perk’s callback functions.
Changed: minor adjustments to startUsingPerk/stopUsingPerk in some “keeptimer” perks.
Changed: moved knife projectile code (regular and perk) to _ex_projectiles_knife.gsc for better reload sync.
Changed: supernade perk not limited to 1 anymore (now ex_supernade can be 1 to 9; specials.cfg).
Changed: minor changes to Hitman game type code.
Changed: updated cvar distribution via _ex_controller_cvars.gsc.
Changed: split streak procedures from obituary code (_ex_stats_streaks.gsc).
Changed: split obituary and streak settings. Renamed several obituary related variables.
Changed: new WMD related variables for killing spree WMD and Kill Ladder WMD (monitoring.cfg).
Changed: lots of WMD-related general vars moved from ranksystem.cfg to wmdcontrol.cfg.
Changed: default for ex_rank_gunship_next set to 0 (gunship once; ranksystem.cfg).
Changed: split off WMD procs and functs to _ex_wmd.gsc, _ex_wmd_mortars, _ex_wmd_artillery.gsc, _ex_wmd_airstrike.gsc.
Changed: linked FPS monitor to event controller.
Changed: moved potato monitor (dummy weapons) from _ex_main to _ex_monitor_entities.gsc.
Changed: moved mod info code into _ex_main_messages.gsc (removed _ex_modinfo.gsc).
Changed: unfixing a turret will replace the mobile MG you’re carrying already (causing drop or restore).
Changed: all devices and close proximity triggers now handled by device controller (_ex_controller_devices.gsc).
Changed: default for nade cap (ex_frag_cap and ex_smoke_cap) changed from 9 to 4.
Changed: report of entities cleanup revised.
Changed: reduced max for ambient airplanes, artillery, flares, and mortars (due to close proximity explosions).
Changed: moved code for ambient flares into _ex_ambient_skyeffects.gsc.
Changed: renamed vars level.ex_landmine_x to level.ex_landmines_x [+s] for consistency.
Changed: variables for laserdot coloring changed to accept only regular RGB color codes (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: variables for arcade score coloring changed to accept only regular RGB color codes (gametypes.cfg).
Changed: variables for time limit coloring changed to accept only regular RGB color codes (gametypes.cfg).
Changed: time announcer color codes set to gradually change from peru brown via yellow to red.
Changed: flak points and damage will now be based on operator and operator’s team, not the owner.
Changed: increased speed of mortars and artillery, both ambient and WMD.
Changed: replaced weapon files for tripwire_mp, landmine_mp, mortar_mp, artillery_mp and planebomb_mp.
Changed: cleaned up and reordered localized strings in landmines.str and tripwire.str.
Changed: variables for trips from ex_tweapon to ex_tripwire (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: variables for trip limit from ex_tripwire_limit to ex_tripwire_max (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: removed variable ex_tripwire_radius from weaponcontrol.cfg (obsolete).
Changed: variable ex_tripwire_warning works the same as ex_landmine_warning now (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: variable ex_nademon_throwback_pickup min/max/def switched to inches for more precision (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: finished account system menu and localized strings.
Changed: (alpha3) default for ex_nademon_throwback_indicator changed to 10.
Changed: (alpha3) increased damage radius for landmines and trips to 300.
Changed: (alpha3) throwback waypoint image split into red (out of range) and green (within range).


Fixed: default value for scr_ctfb_show_enemy_own_flag was enabled (1); not disabled (0) as it should be.
Fixed: several errors due to space in stock sound aliases (including corrected iw_battlechatter2.csv now).
Fixed: russian sound file and alias for “Guard Our Jail” (LIB).
Fixed: sound alias error “custom/prepare.mp3”.
Fixed: removed “us_airstk_crsh_1” and “us_airstk_crsh_2” sound aliases (non existing sounds).
Fixed: four “US_mp_stm_enemydown” sound aliases in the “Battlechatter/US/bra” folder.
Fixed: local $levelbriefing error removed by adding $levelbriefing material.
Fixed: keep-timer flaw in supernade, knife and stealth perks.
Fixed: blood on screen not working (wrong operator when checking for hud elements).
Fixed: duplicate threads of turretThink() running when unfixed turret is planted.
Fixed: saved nade count adjusted when nades are stolen (FT).
Fixed: overtime only setting new timelimit for CTF.
Fixed: rare condition where ambient airplanes stopped working (missing notification).
Fixed: gas- and firenades as trip components will run their radius damage threads when triggered.
Fixed: runtime error in spank punishment (time variable missing).
Fixed: (alpha3) weapon mode override more robust; includes a fix for frag fest override.
Fixed: (alpha3) all spawnpoints are now kept (not removed by entity cleanup) if ex_designer_showall is enabled.
Fixed: (alpha3) FT wasn’t listed in entity cleanup procedure to keep mp_tdm_spawn (ammocrates kept them in).
Fixed: (alpha3) script error in _ex_weapons_turrets.gsc when trying to plant MG.
Fixed: (alpha4) explosion sounds in minefield_reg and minefield_gas were swapped.
Fixed: (alpha4) overtime now handles players in spawn timer or spawn confirmation phase.
Fixed: (alpha4) overwriting radius parameter of getImpactPos/getImpactPosPlane could cause runtime errors.
Fixed: (alpha4) removed obsolete call to [[level.ex_bclear]] in _ex_stats_board.gsc.
Fixed: (alpha4) meatbot weapon conversion in _ex_player_obituary.gsc causing runtime errors.


Removed: _ex_knife.gsc (now handled by _ex_projectiles_knife.gsc).
Removed: _ex_modinfo.gsc (now handled by _ex_main_messages.gsc).
Removed: _ex_flares.gsc (now handled by _ex_ambient_skyeffects.gsc).
Removed: clan login (clancontrol.cfg); can be handled by account system.
Removed: FT weapon steal, except nades (renamed scr_ft_weaponsteal vars to scr_ft_nadesteal).
Removed: configuration profiles 1-4 (not the feature; just the profiles).
Removed: flamethrower tank explosion.
Removed: female model Diana optional mod and all code related to it.
Removed: (alpha3) _ex_player_parachute.gsc (now handled by _ex_player.gsc and _ex_main_utils.gsc).